water & Waste Treatment

With Atlas you will never worry about your drinking water again! Nothing feels better than knowing that the water in your kitchen, your bath, laundry, and all around your home is pure. And when it comes to delivering that cleaner, clearer, soft pure conditioned water, there is simply no one better than Atlas!. With Atlas you get more than great

Sewage Treatment

Here is where we really are at home! Because when it comes to sewage issues, we chart a responsible course. Our Domestic (Sewage) and Industrial sewage Treatment Systems are designed with the principle of maximum efficiency, minimum energy and cost. We are experts in sewage & grey water treatment. Atlas is committed to reducing your consent to discharge levels.

Soil Testing

To us it’s just soil,to our crops it’s everything. Soil tests measure the relative nutrient status of soils and are used as a basis for profitable and environmentally responsible fertilizer application. Good crop production often requires the application of lime and fertilizer. Soil testing enables you to find out the makeup of your soil and helps you determine how much

Plant Tissue Testing

Why Test Plants? A plant’s ability to take up adequate nutrients is influenced by many factors such as soil fertility level, soil temperature, soil compaction, soil moisture, nutrient balance in the soil, fertilizer applications, plant genetics, and many other factors.Analysis of plant tissues is an extremely useful tool for growers. Not only can plant tissue testing be used to monitor

Laboratory Analytical Testing

Analytical Testing Laboratory Services (Atlas) is a registered independent testing laboratory providing expert chemical analyses in Environment/ Agriculture, Food Chemistry and microbiological products. Our mission statement is: To become a trusted partner in the business of our clients in East Africa by providing quality analytical testing, friendly client service and value-added At Atlas

Outsourcing Contracts

Water & Laboratory analysis is our business; focus on your core business while Atlas runs your Laboratory & water treatment plant. Atlas Kenya Ltd is happy to set up specific service contracts with clients to ensure that their plants are kept in optimum condition and continue to deliver quality performance as efficiently as the day they were commissioned.